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Emergency Preparedness

Planning for an Emergency

It makes sense to plan ahead for likely emergencies so should an emergency ever occur you can concentrate on helping your family and others.

Here are a couple of PDF documents from the Department of Homeland Security to get you started. (Youíll need a free PDF reader to open them.)

Emergency Preparedness brochure produced by Connecticut Community Care, Inc.

Here is the PDF version of the "You Can Be Ready" emergency preparedness brochure. If you'd like a hard copy, please fill out an online form requesting one, and we'd be happy to send it to you.



  • If you stock batteries or food for an emergency, make sure you replace them with fresh supplies regularly.
  • Some hand-crank radios can generate strong magnetic fields. Keep them away from credit cards and pacemakers.
  • Check electrical devices regularly to make sure they still work. (Use birthdays or national holidays as easy-to-remember dates for testing, or check your emergency devices whenever you test your smoke alarm.)
  • Make sure you have enough medication to last you through an emergency such as a blizzard or hurricane.
  • Avoid candles or oil lamps for emergency lighting because of the fire risk, especially if you have oxygen equipment in your home.
  • Although no amount of money can make you completely safe, a small investment in emergency equipment can make you more comfortable if an emergency does occur.
  • Look for emergency supplies & devices you can also use in everyday life.
  • Be prepared to modify your plan as necessary should an emergency actually happen; reality rarely completely agrees with your plan.
  • Beware of salespeople who exaggerate the likelihood of an emergency and the benefits of their product to make a sale. (Bruce Schneierís ďBeyond FearĒ looks at how to compare the costs and benefits of security equipment.)
  • Try to anticipate emergencies: stock up well in advance so you donít have to stand in line to buy batteries, ice, etc.
  • Talk your emergency plan over with others so they can point out problems and suggest improvements.
  • Check your assumptions: about 500 more Americans died on our roads after 9/11 because they mistakenly thought it was safer to drive than to fly.
Dad and I appreciate the services and support you have provided to us. Quite frankly, I donít know what we would have done without your program.  It hasnít been easy for either of us as we go about this new stage in our lives, but his being at home means so much to both of us. I cannot express the huge comfort their help brings in my knowing that they are there whenever they can be while I must be at work. Dad celebrated his 89th birthday in May---in the comfort of his own home---thanks to the daily care of the competent, caring and compassionate folks that you have arranged to help us. We both will always be totally grateful for this to you and CCCI.
PM, Southbury, CT
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