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Individuals Receiving Services Through CCCI

Meet Jeanne: "Go for it!" 
Meet Jeanne, a retired registered nurse who faced her choice to either "lie between two white sheets and let life go OR suffer a little bit of pain and work hard" to get her life back. Jeanne chose to work hard and make the most of her life. Knitting toddler hats for charity became therapy for her mind and her hands. Connecticut Community Care Inc. gave Jeanne the extra strength and the "kick in the backside" to live a self-determined life. Jeanne, age 68, recommends to start with baby steps and eventually those steps will become bigger and stronger!
Meet David: "I won't stop!" 
Meet David, who continues to go through dramatic changes as a result of Multiple Sclerosis, diagnosed in 2011. Faced with adversity, David is confident that he "is going to make it" because he "refuses not to." David is a great example of self-determination. Through his partnership with the MS Society and Care Management Associates, David and his care manager have created a relationship that gives him energy to pursue his goals. David explains that though the Internet allows for him to connect with many people and broaden his community, it does not replace the human/personal touch he has received through CCCI.
Meet Rocky: "Ready to fight" 
Meet Rocky and his rescue dog, Ginger. Before Rocky came to Connecticut Community Care, Inc., he was overwhelmed with "loads of paperwork, forms, tests, and procedures." By working with CCCI, Rocky, a former chef of 39 years, is now able to go grocery shopping with ease and continue his passion for cooking. Most importantly, Rocky now "looks forward to tomorrow" and can handle anything that comes his way - a valuable gift indeed!
Meet Barbara: Self-Determined and Living Life 
Meet Barbara, whose strength and determination is undeniable. At age 24, Barbara started a new life as a paraplegic after acquiring a staph infection from a thorn. Barbara was determined to prove to her family and friends that she was still the same person, just sitting down--and she succeeded! Barbara continues to amaze everyone around her with her determination and courage!
Meet Rita: Living Life to the Fullest 
Meet Rita: Spunky and carefree is an understatement. At the young age of 13, Rita learned to be independent when she and her five siblings lost their parents. Rita has decided not to let age get the best of her, she is "fighting the old age and will not accept 90!" Rita shares the key to living a carefree life by not focusing on the "what-ifs."
Meet Alice: Happy to be at Home 
Alice enjoys having a good time. When Alice is not entertaining her guests, she is talking on the phone with her sister or listening to the radio. Alice teaches others to be "Thankful, grateful, and appreciative." Thanks Alice!
Meet Joan: Living with Parkinson's 
Meet Joan: 15 years ago, Joan was diagnosed with Parkinson's. Joan inspires everyone around her with her "glass half full" outlook and beautiful poetry! Over the years, Joan has learned to "catch joy as it flies by because joy is very elusive, you just have to take it when it comes."
Meet Helen: 95 Years Old and Still Living at Home 
Meet Helen: a renowned pianist, loving grandmother, and still living at home at 95 years old! Helen looks back on her childhood from her picturesque Christmases with her family to her days as a taxi driver (she even drove Jackie Kennedy). In the words of Helen, "Life is very well worth living!"
Meet Heather: A Single Mom Living with MS 
Meet Heather: In 2007, Heather was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, while working as an ER nurse. Through thick and thin, Heather stays strong for her loving son. Heather also appreciates the little things in life such as being with her son at his bus stop, which is now in front of their house (thanks to the persistence of Heather's care manager)!
Meet David: Living Life with Chronic Illness 
Meet David, an incredible and strong being. David explains that he has grown not despite his 17 years of chronic illness, but BECAUSE of his illnesses. David teaches others to embrace, learn, and grow from life's challenges (as he did while on dialysis). He inspires everyone he encounters, including his CCCI Care Manager Debra!
Meet Joan: Living with Multiple Sclerosis 
Meet Joan and Family: Joan, who lives with Multiple Sclerosis, is accompanied by her support team: Taylor, her daughter, and Otelia, her mother. Joan advises others to remain humble and to take life one day at a time. With lots of love and prayer, Joan, Taylor, and Otelia, are living happily in their new apartment!
Meet MaryJane: Living Life with MS 
Meet Mary Jane, who, the day she went blind in both eyes, also found out she has Multiple Sclerosis! Despite adversity, MaryJane accepted her new life and is determined to make the best of it. In MaryJane's free time, she enjoys creating one-of-a-kind poetry.
Meet Lore: Living How and Where She Wants 
Meet Lore who wrote a memoir titled, "In Search of New Horizons," which describes her journey from Nazi Germany to her new life in America. Today Lore and her CCCI Care Manager Kim have teamed up to create a successful care plan!

Family Caregivers Working with CCCI

Meet Maisie: Caregiver for Parents 
Meet Maisie. She is the caregiver for her parents, who live with her, and loves having them! Maisie's parents are both on the Connecticut Home Care Program (CHCP). Within in the program is the PCA (Personal Care Assistants) service, where individuals can hire their own PCAs. Maisie loves this service because she is able to hire the PCAs who have gone through a thorough background check. It's an excellent partnership. By working with her parents' CCCI care manager, Maisie is not only able take better care of her parents, she is also able to do the things she loves to do and enjoy her time with her parents.
Meet Sharon: Caregiver for Parents 
Meet Sharon, caregiver for her mother and father. Sharon lives in a two-family house that she share with her parents. Due to Sharon's busy work schedule, she is unable to care for her parents as much as she would like to. Fortunately, Sharon is able to gain a sense of ease knowing that she can count on CCCI to be there for her parents when she is working.
Meet Kim and Debbie: Caregivers to Their Mother with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's 
Sisters Kim and Debbie talk openly about their very personal caregiving journey that spans more than 24 years and started when they were in their twenties.
Meet Al: Caregiver for His Wife 
Meet Al, husband, best friend, and caregiver for his wife, Nancy, who is living with MS. After hearing about the dangers of their Hoyer lift, CCCI donated an overhead lift that assists Al with transitioning Nancy from bed to wheel chair, making it possible for her to attend their son's wedding! You may wonder what Al's secret is to being a caregiver for his wife..."Happy wife means happy life!"
Meet Michael and MaryJane: Caregivers for Michael's Mother 
Michael's mother has been living with him and his wife Mary Jane since December 9, 2010. His mother, age 84 and living with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, requires 24-hour supervision. Michael and MaryJane have peace of mind knowing she's well taken care of at home.
Meet Zaida: Caregiver for Husband 
Meet Zaida, the caregiver for her late mother, her younger sister with a disability and her husband. Zaida is a born caregiver that enjoys giving back to her community. After surviving cancer twice with help from the love and support of her family, Zaida loves to return the favor!
Meet Patty: Caregiver for Mother 
Meet Patty, caregiver for her 96 year old mother. Patty has worked with CCCI to create a structured plan to allow her mother to remain in her desired home through the different phases of her life.
Meet Elizabeth: Caregiver for Mother with Vascular Dementia 
Meet Elizabeth, an avid writer and caregiver for her mother, Maria, with vascular dementia. As needs changed in Maria's life, CCCI was there to accommodate. Elizabeth explains that during the hardships of being a family caregiver, one must "unclench the fist that squeezes your heart". To unclench the fist, Elizabeth suggests outlets such art, running, music, etc. Elizabeth's outlet of choice is her blog:, where she writes about her parents and life as a daughter and caregiver.

CCCI Care Managers

Success Stories from Connecticut Community Care, Inc. Care Managers 
Care managers Rayda Bouma and Nan O'Brien share success stories through their many years with Connecticut Community Care, Inc. and its private-pay division Care Management Associates
Meet Rayda Bouma: CCCI Care Manager for 26+ Years 
Meet Rayda Bouma: a care manager for Care Management Associates, the private pay division of Connecticut Community Care, Inc. Rayda's focus is to "honor the person's right to make his/her own decision" and "keep the person where s/he wants to be."
Meet Jackie Germain: CCCI Care Manager in the Northwest Region 
Meet Jackie Germain: a CCCI Care Manager for more than 10 years in the Northwest Regional Office located in Watertown. Jackie advises family caregivers to take care of themselves and welcome support from others. CCCI is always on the "cutting edge," explains Jackie, by examining the changes in healthcare and services. Therefore, CCCI stays in the forefront of change.
Meet Bob Bennett: CCCI Care Manager in the Northwest Region 
Meet Bob Bennett: a veteran CCCI Care Manager in the Northwest Region for more than 28 years. When Bob is asked what he does at CCCI, he explains: "I get people the care they need. Period." Bob's goal is to avoid a repeat hospitalization through the use of new and innovative technology such as 2-way emergency systems. Bob also talks about his therapy dogs: beautiful golden retrievers that bring smiles and unconditional love to everyone that they meet.
Meet Patty Hallum: CCCI Care Manager in the Northwest Region 
Meet Patty: a CCCI care manager for more than 12 years who is now a team leader in the Northwest Region. Patty's routine day consists of appointments and assessments to formulate a care plan and share with others what is offered through state programs. Patty loves working at CCCI because of the sense of collaboration and respect among her colleagues, making every day rewarding.
Meet Patti Massa: CCCI Care Manager in the Eastern Region 
Meet Patti Massa: CCCI Care Manager for more than seven years in the Eastern Office located in Franklin. Patti explains her position as being a liaison between families, the people she serves and different opportunities. Patti suggests that family caregivers should pace themselves because caregiving is hard work and cannot be done on your own. (As of July 2012, Patti is now a supervisor for the care transitions program of CCCI)
Meet Jill Karno: CCCI Care Manager in the North Central Region 
Meet Jill Karno: a CCCI Care Manager in the North Central Regional Office in Wethersfield. Jill relates her position at CCCI as a bridge or intermediary that connects individuals, family, the state, services, and often considers: What is the best ways to help others connect with their care? Jill encourages individuals to use their strengths, not to lose them! (As of July 2012, Jill is a care transitions coach for the CCCI care transitions program)
Meet Chanee Ford: CCCI Care Manager in the North Central Region 
Meet Chanee Ford: a CCCI Care Manager for more than a year in the North Central Regional Office in Wethersfield. Chanee works closely with Money Follows the Person, a program that helps individuals in nursing homes to come home. MFP provides a smooth shift into the community through homecare services, assessments, and working with transition coordinators. Chanee encourages everyone to not be afraid to ask questions because there are many programs and resources that many people are not aware of. (As of Fall 2012, Chanee Ford has left CCCI to pursue her PhD. We wish her the best of luck)

Featured Videos of CCCI's Annual Meetings

Our Spirit is Ageless  
Twelve individuals who receive services through Connecticut Community Care, Inc. (CCCI)share their inspirational stories and how CCCI has allowed them to live how and where they choose - at home.
It's a Family Affair 
Family caregivers, whose loved ones receive services from CCCI, share their stories on their roles and what keeps them going.
"Believe and Achieve - Determination makes the difference" 
Four individuals working with Connecticut Community Care, Inc. (CCCI) share their stories on their journeys to self-determination. The 10 guiding principles to self-determination are explained through their examples.

Talk Show Appearances

The Stan Simpson Show - Guest Molly Rees Gavin of CCCI 
Molly Rees Gavin of Connecticut Community Care, Inc. (CCCI) gives tips on how to care for elderly relatives at home.
Caring for Elderly Parents - The Mary Jones Show, Part 1 (1/2) 
Mary Jones interviews CCCI Corporator Patty and her 97-year-old mother Helen in this informative discussion on caring for elderly parents.
Caring for Elderly Parents - The Mary Jones Show, Part 1 (2/2) 
Mary Jones interviews CCCI Corporator Patty and her 97-year-old mother Helen in this informative discussion on caring for elderly parents.
Caring For Elderly Parents - The Mary Jones Show - Part 2 (1/2)  
Mary Jones interviews Connecticut Community Care, Inc. President Molly Rees Gavin who is an expert in elder care, care management and care giving. (This is Part 2 of Caring For Elderly Parents - In Part 1, Mary spoke to Patty, family caregiver to her 97-year-old mother Helen)
Caring For Elderly Parents - The Mary Jones Show - Part 2 (2/2)  
Mary Jones interviews Connecticut Community Care, Inc. President Molly Rees Gavin who is an expert in elder care, care management and caregiving. (This is Part 2 of Caring For Elderly Parents - In Part 1, Mary spoke to Patty, family caregiver to her 97-year-old mother Helen)


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